In most circumstances a buyer can indeed sue a seller for backing out of a real estate sales contract, unless it’s written into it that there are what they call liquidated damages. Liquidated damages are basically a predetermined amount that everybody agrees that the buyer would be out if the seller backed out of the sale. And if that’s the case then his recovery would be limited to the liquidated damages. But if the contract is silent on what happens if the buyer or seller back out then either one can sue for breech. Now, if the buyer sues the seller what they’re after is called a thing unto itself, Latin they call it sine qua non, but it can be sued for what we call specific performance. You can make them transfer the property if you can show that there’s something specific about this piece of property that cannot be cured with you buying another similarly suited piece of property, but most cases typically recovery is limited to a money amount. But sometimes you can actually make them sell you the house.

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