In Florida, you can relocate while you’re on probation is the short answer. Within the state is relatively easy. You can transfer a misdemeanor or felony probation to other towns or other locales within the state of Florida with relative ease.

Location out of the state is something that’s a little bit of a different animal. It requires that the receiving state, no matter which state it is, other than Florida, agree to accept your supervision, and there are certain crimes that some states just will not agree to supervise out of state people for.

Some of the stuff involves whether or not there’s terms of the probation. It’s not necessarily the crime that you were placed on probation for, but if you have terms of probation which the receiving state just isn’t equipped or doesn’t want to mess with, then they can deny the relocation request.

Your probation officer also has a lot to say about whether or not you can relocate, and it will require the permission of your probation officer in order to make it happen.

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