After an arrest in Florida, the state has 24 hours to bring you before a judge for what’s called first appearance. At first appearance, the judge will first decide if there’s probable cause to hold you based on the complaint that’s been filed with the court. If there is probable cause to hold you, then the court then has to decide what a bond amount, if any, is appropriate. He’ll take into consideration the seriousness of the charge, your ties to the community, do you have a job, do you have family here, do you have children here? What is the likelihood that you’re going to show up and make your court date? That’s a huge consideration as well as your criminal history.

Taking all of that into account, he’s likely to set some sort of bond. If you don’t have much of a criminal history and you have a lot of ties to the community, you may even get a pre-trial release of sorts. He may also set a bond, a money bond. Those are usually the options. In rare instance he could hold you without bond.

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