Typically, say if you’re arrested, if you’re arrested, you’ll have to first go to first appearance where they’ll set a bond for your case and determine whether or not you’re qualified for a monetary bond or pre-trial release and released on your own cognizance. Next, you’ll be set for an arraignment, where you’ll be asked how you want to plea. At that point, you can either plea guilty, no contest, or not guilty and ask for the next court date.

You may have a series of pre-trial conferences in between that, and then you’re working your way, obviously, if you’re still pleading not guilty, to a trial. In that meantime, you can be doing what’s called discovery where you’re actually discovering the facts of your case. You might take depositions in that process. You’ll get reports. You might be researching to get all of the information to build the best case as a defense attorney that you could build at that time.

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