Alternative dispute resolution is the general title given for things like mediation, or collaborative divorce, or even arbitration. It’s a different way of resolving a case other than going before a judge or a magistrate to have them make a ruling. You usually have a little bit more power and influence in the outcome, because you’re trying to work toward an agreement. There are lots of collaborative law attorneys. I believe there are some websites that you can find online in trying to find a collaborative law divorce attorney, if that’s what you’re interested in. It’s usually a less-hostile process. Things like mediation are ways where you can come together and try and discuss the issues, and come up with unique or creative solutions, and you’re more empowered to do more things than what a judge could possibly order you to do. You can also look up different mediators, as well, and try and select one off of a private list at the Florida ADR website.

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