If you feel that you’ve posted something on social media that’s inappropriate, the terms incriminating or intimidating are oftentimes terms with legal consequences, and concepts that might be beyond a layperson to fully appreciate. Therefore, if you feel like there’s something questionable that you’ve posted, it’s within your rights to remove the posting. However, do be aware that if it’s something that is evidence in a criminal investigation, and you remove it, or attempt to otherwise take it off the table, then you might be susceptible to a charge of tampering with evidence or what have you. If it’s simply an intimidating post or an offensive post, if you remove it, you’re not going to face any criminal repercussions. However, there might be some social repercussions if it’s already been out there, and sometimes the best policy is just to apologize as publicly as you made the comment. However, the assistance of an attorney in this case would probably be invaluable. These legal concepts would be able to be explained to you in the terms of your specific post or your specific case.

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