Alimony stops in Florida at various times depending upon the type of alimony that’s awarded. There is durational alimony, which is a temporary in nature. Basically, it runs for a period of time that’s ordered by the court.

Then there’s rehabilitative alimony, which is basically in order to put the spouse that’s receiving the alimony into a better position at some point in the future after the divorce.

Then there’s permanent alimony. Now permanent alimony typically continues until the death or remarriage of the spouse that’s receiving the alimony.

So any of those things are possible during a divorce proceeding. If the court awards one type of alimony, then it’s going to end according to the type of alimony it is. However, if there’s an agreement that is reached between the spouses during the divorce, then at that point, some other arbitrary time frame can be established for alimony, as long as both parties agree.

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