Under Florida law there are only a few circumstances that can result in you being held with no bond in your case, one of which would be if you were a flight risk: it could be demonstrated to the court that you have a history of not showing up for court, or escaping from custody, or something along those lines. The second is that if the crime is severe enough, and the punishment severe enough, and the evidence against you is compelling, then the court at that point could order a no-bond hold.

The third circumstance is if you were already out on release for a prior crime, and that crime had not been resolved yet, and you commit a new crime, or if you’re accused of committing a new crime. At that point the court could exercise its jurisdiction to hold you without bond in the older case. The newer charge or the new accusation would carry its own bond, but in the prior case you would be held without; so, therefore, it would result in, basically, a no-hold bond on all the charges. Those are the three circumstances that would result in that.

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